Welcome Beautiful Soul

my name is Farin

Thank you for meeting me here

 It’s been quite a journey for me.
From the theatre to journalism to motherhood.
From a happy marriage, to still feeling that emptiness, that loneliness, non fulfillment
while from the outside looking like:
‘I have it all!’

Yes, we have all been there and many of us still are,
right in the middle of this search for freedom, fulfillment, happiness and
this ‘pure selflove’.

How come some people seem to thrive in this live of freedom,
self fulfillment and completely in sync with nature and the Universe
and you are just not?

You are in this constant search of happiness and this
‘loving your self’.

While thriving from the outside,
looking like you are completely on top of things
but actually feeling down and out on the inside.

The search is real and part of your unique journey where each step is correct
and the right tools are handed to you.


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with Love, Farin